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(From www.whitehouse.gov) On November 25, 2002, President Bush pocket option demo signed the "Homeland Security Act of 2002" into law. The Act restructures and strengthens the executive branch of the Federal Government to better meet the threat to our homeland posed by terrorism. In establishing a new Department of Homeland Security, the Act for the first time creates a Federal department whose primary mission will be to help prevent, protect against, and respond to acts of terrorism on our soil.

Here is where you come in: this new government entity will soon be hiring staff, sending out memos and printing business cards. It needs a piece of identity ware to go with its name: the DHS needs a logo.


To create a logo for the United States Department of Homeland Security (and get some respect, be some patriot and earn some notoriety in the process).

General Info

Submissions of qualifying nature will be passed on to the government pocketoption demo (via classified sources), however, governmental appropriateness is not the only standard by which the logos in this contest will be judged. Creativity, originality, aesthetics, use of space and color will all be used to measure the logo's merit. Tongue may be placed in cheek, if desired.

Logo Guideline

Logos should include the phrase "Department of Homeland Security" somewhere in the design. Beyond that, it's all you. The links posted on the left can help if you need inspiration, there's stuff there about logo design as well as government seal type information.


Send logos to . Please include your name, your preferred email address, your website http://pocketoption.com.ph/demo (if any) and your country of residence.

Logos should be submitted in eps- or illustrator-file format. If you design your logo solely in Photoshop, subtract five points and take two steps back. Seriously, if you want us to take you seriously, show us the lines. Please outline all your fonts. While circle-based "seal" logos are probably the most likely to make the presidential podium, do not let that hamper your artistic license. Big brother is not watching over your shoulder (not quite yet).


This contest is void where prohibited. All submissions become the shared property of artist and Logo-Contest.com. Yeah, we have a conscience: if we want to somehow rip you off we'll at least let you know first. Entries must be received by January 30, 2003. Any prizes awarded will be at the sole discretion of Logo-Contest.com. Top entrants will be recognized on the website. Heck, all entrants will· the best just get the better placement. This contest is for America. She needs our help, and us designers must do what we can.

The entry must be your original design, and not a copy that may be subject to copyright laws.

Note: in case you were wondering, logo-contest.com is not a government agency.

Logo Contest Information

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